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November 20, 2007

Californication – Primary Sources

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Don’t you just love the Internet? Two minutes of research, to get to the original 1972 article in TIME magazine:

If votes were cast with feet and tallies read off odometers, the West would win the U.S. popularity contest in a landslide. The 1970 census figures show that the population of mountain and Pacific states has increased by 24.1 % since 1960. v. an increase on the other side of the Great Divide of only 11%. Horace Greeley’s advice, “Go West, young man,” is still being heeded by young and old alike, in spite of the fact that the “frontier” is now posted at intervals with taco and fried-chicken stands. Ecologists point out that the very nature of the West—little water and enormous stretches of arid soil—makes it impossible to support the continued migration. Legislators, scientists and citizens are now openly concerned about the threat of “Californication”—the haphazard, mindless development that has already gobbled up most of Southern California. TIME Correspondent Sandra Burton recently spent two weeks traveling throughout the West, taking the measure of Californication and the attempts being made to stop it.” – TIME


Californication Lawsuit – Just Check Wikipedia

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Apparently, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are suing the creators of the TV show ‘Californication’ based on the fact that they released an album and single of the same name some years ago.

“The lawsuit alleges unfair competition, dilution of the value of the name and unjust enrichment, claiming the title is “inherently distinctive, famous … and immediately associated in the mind of the consumer” with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”SMH

Why didn’t the lawyers spend two minutes searching Wikipedia? I am not saying that this is the ultimate font of truth, but it is a good starting point, and it would have saved a lot of people a lot of time, dollars and effort. According to Wikipedia, “Californication is a portmanteau of California and fornication, written about in Time on August 21, 1972 and seen on bumper stickers in the U.S. states of Colorado and Oregon. It refers primarily to “haphazard, mindless development that has already gobbled up most of Southern California”.[1]

So, Red Hot Chili Peppers, why can’t you just be happy with the millions you have already made, and will continue to make, from the album and song and get back to doing what you should be doing – writing and recording new music.

November 12, 2007

OpenSocial: BadIdea

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Sorry, I can only see negatives in Google’s OpenSocial initiatives. I like the idea that when I go to a website, the applications that I use have been through a closely controlled and monitored process before they are released. The idea that anyone can develop an application that hooks into any number of affiliated websites is scary! It simply makes it easier for criminal minds to develop malicious code and associate it not only to websites that people trust, but ones where detailed personal information is already stored!

I like to know what I am dealing with when I go to a website – that way the amount of information I provide, and my behaviour on that side is predicated on the level of trust I have in the site itself and the entity behind it. I’d prefer that open standards are developed by an industry body, and not a corporate entity with a vested interest in crushing the opposition (ie, Facebook).

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