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December 5, 2008

About the dispute of the intellectual property. (TO CEO)

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I am always impressed with email-based attempts to fleece money ‘legitimately’ from individuals or companies. I’ve received emails like the one below a few times now, and I thought it was worth re-publishing in full.

Dear CEO, 


We are the domain name registration centre in Hongkong. On the 29th of Oct.,  we received an application formally. One company named “Omplict Global Investment Co.,Ltd” applied for:
Internet brand Name:


The Domain Names:

<a range of domain names for various countries>


During our auditing procedure we find out that the alleged ” Omplict Global Investment Co.,Ltd ” has no trade mark, Intellectual property, and patent even similar to that word. Now we want to check :the relationship between your company and “Omplict Global Investment Co.,Ltd “.

If you do not know this company, we doubt that they have other aims to buy these domain names.


In order to deal with this issue better, Please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible.If you are not in charge of this please transfer this email to appropriate dept.Thanks for your cooperation !


Best regards!



Mr Moon



SK-HOLDINGS|   121 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong  |  Tel:   00852-8122 6293   Fax:  00852-81257328  |  Website:   


It’s a very good scam, and it preys on the commercial sensitivities of corporations – but it is merely a way to drum up business that otherwise does not exist. Full marks for inventiveness. No marks for ethics!


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