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August 25, 2009

Greetings from Tajikistan!

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I love the creativity that goes into these email scams. This is the first I’ve received from Tajikistan!

I know very well that you will be surprise reading this kind of message from unknown person from far country that is not close to yours which I’m well convinced that is a divine direction. To start with, I am Boboeva Rafoat, a 49 years old woman from Tajikistan who was formerly the Main – director of children crisis, centre, director of women organization, coordinator – the league of women lawyers on north region. After 1992-97 war between a hard-line secular government and mostly Islamic opposition in Tajikistan left about 100,000 people dead and the nation’s economy in shambles, I was removed from the post by the government of Emomali Rakhmon, who is now in third term as president. Please, I don’t want you to see my message to you as a mistake; I have a great purpose contacting you which I know will be of a great benefit to you and your entire family in time to come. During my leadership as director of children crisis, centre, director of women organization, coordinator – the league of women lawyers on north region, Mahmadruzi Iskandarov who was a field commander in Tajikistan’s civil war of the early 1990s used me in moving the sum of 28.9 million US dollars out side the country for foreign investments. Now Mr.Mahmadruzi Iskandarov was kidnapped in Moscow and secretly brought to Tajikistan when an extradition request failed. Critics say the case against him is politically motivated. He was found guilty of illegal possession of arms, embezzlement of government money, and for organising what the Supreme Court judge called “terrorist acts.” The terrorism charges relate to an attack on a militia post in Mr Iskandarov’s native region of Tajikabad last year which the authorities say he helped to organise. On Tuesday, another former civil war field commander, Eribek Ibragimov, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for taking part in the same attack. Mr Ibragimov had supported the Islamic opposition in the war. In exile, after the civil war, Mr Iskandarov became leader of the opposition Democratic Party. He entered the government following a peace deal in 1998 and was appointed head of the state gas company. But he left that post following accusations of embezzlement and went to Russia two years ago. There he was arrested, but the Russian courts turned down an extradition request from Tajikistan. Some time later, he was kidnapped in a Moscow suburb and subsequently turned up in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, prompting an outcry from human rights groups. Since the government has putting me under house arrest, due to their suspicious over my relationship with Mr.Mahmadruzi Iskandarov, I will like you to do me a favour in standing as my foreign partner who will contact the Finance Institute for the clearance of a deposit, which every documents bears my name as the depositor. Contact me urgently for us to discuss this deal in details. At my position now, oral communication is not permitted from me due to monitors from government but I can use my Laptop, but with faith and trust, I know you will not betray my trust in future. Reply me urgently with more information about yourself for a proper confirmation of your capability of handling this deal/investment of the money since my time of coming out from the government hand is something I can not predict for now. I know that is risk discussing this kind of deal in the internet but due to my position now, I have no option then to take the risk in other to secure this huge amount of funds.

Sincerely yours,

Ms.Boboeva Rafoat


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