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November 9, 2012

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Wow – a “scoop” I had back in 2006, is now a reality. First from VISA last year: and now Mastercard this week:

The Mangle

Below is a sneak peak at Visa's proposed new high-level security credit card. The card, in trial at the moment, contains a built-in token-based authentication system that is linked back to a central server for authentication. The six-digit code cycles through every 2 minutes, with the algorithm used unique to that card and synchronised to the authentication server. The expiry date for the token matches the expiry date on the card.

Visa Card with TokenThere are a few logistical challenges for Visa to overcome. The cards are about double the thickness of normal credit cards, which apparently make them compatible with the majority of card readers, but not all. Also, there is a lot of work to be done with merchants to adapt their systems to incorporate an additional input field – namely a PIN and the 6-digit code.

A source from Visa said, "We are not too worried about this. We are introducing an…

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  1. Definitely butt them right up to each other. That is what attracted me to the image on the WIP site- the secondary design they formed and the colors, of course, which are awesome, too. And did you ever watch a school of fish swim? They certainly have no concept of personal space! Come on

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